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Bishop Andrew Merritt

Bishop Andrew Merritt is a pastor, author, city statesman, business owner and visionary leader. In 1978, he and his wife, Pastor Viveca Merritt, founded the Straight Gate International Church in Detroit, Michigan. The church has experienced phenomenal growth — from three members in 1978, to eight church moves and more than 5,000 members today.

Bishop Merritt Ministries has touched thousands of lives through radio, television, and the local church. A man who is best known for his teachings on faith, Bishop firmly believes God has blessed the ministry because of its strong and unmovable faith in God.


We’ve been involved in communications for close to four decades, all the way back in the storefront church. It’s nothing new. But this is a more intense outreach. With satellite TV, cell phones, and the internet, it gives us the capability of touching the entire Earth for Jesus Christ in a single touch of a button. We’ve already reached people from the following nations across the globe: Iraq, Germany, South Africa, Iran, China, Nigeria, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Korea.

When we started Straight Gate, I had a God moment, where the Lord told me that our ministry would touch the City, the Nation, and the World for Jesus Christ. Until this day... it’s been my heartbeat to do so.

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